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Desert Lands Test P1

4th Grade Desert Lands Unit Test Prep Part 1

"ship of the desert" Camel
raising crops without soil in a special liquid Hydroponics
A large body of underground water. aquifer
makes electricity from sunlight Solar Panel
a desert plant with waxy leaves, deep roots, and edible bean pods Mesquite
A fleshy plant with spines that grows in hot, dry regions. cactus
Hopi village Pueblo
farm animals Livestock
desert plant that provides fruit for food, leaves for mats, and wood for fuel Date Palms
a green place in the desert where there is water Oasis
traditional desert people who grow crops around water Villagers
pressed-down wool cloth Felt
The amount of rain a desert receives per year 10 inches or less
Sheets of plastic collect fog droplets that are gathered for water. "harvest the clouds"
Of the present time or times not long ago. modern
A desert covered in red sand Kalahari Desert
Created by: bphelan