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land-forms study

land-forms, alternative energy, & more

Coal Made from swampy plants
Produced brought into existence or created
Steps a stage in a process
Sediment The tiny crumbs of rocks, soils, shells and the remains of organisms.
Organisms a living thing
Animals an organism that is made of many cells, breathes oxygen, eats other organisms, and can move on its own.
Plants an organism that is made of many cells, makes its own food through photosynthesis, and lives on land
Pressure force or weight being put onto an object for a long period of time
Peat partially decayed plant matter
Lignate a type of coal
Associated objects or ideas that are connected, similar, or related to
Formation an act of giving form or shape to
Compaction The pressing together of sediments
Cementation Sticking together like glue
Melting changing from a solid to a liquid state usually by heat
Petrified a fossil that formed when the hard parts of an organism are replaced by minerals
Diagram a line drawing made for mathematical or scientific purposes
Process a continuing natural activity or function that lead toward a particular result
Thawing to go from a frozen to a liquid state or melt
Chemical change a change that produces a new substance.
Chemical reaction the changes that happen to substances during a chemical change
Tsunamis A giant wave caused by an earthquake under the ocean
Weathering The wearing a way of sediments by water, wind, waves, ice or gravity
Erosion The carrying away of sediments by water, waves, wind, ice or gravity
Deposition The dropping of sediments to a new location
Natural resource A resource that is found in nature that is useful to humans
Igneous rock rock that formed from cooled magma or lava
Tourist one that takes a tour for fun or culture
Landscape the landforms of a region
River delta A large flat areas of land at the mouth of a river created by deposition of sediment
Tide Caused by the gravitational pull of the moon
Branches a stream that flows into another usually larger stream
Vegetation plant life
Fossil fuels Fuels formed from the remains of prehistoric animals and plants
Biofuels Energy from living organisms or their waste. Hay, manure, corn oil, wood
Solar energy Energy from the sun
Geothermal energy Using heat from magma and water under the ground
Generates produce
Wind farm an area of land with a cluster of wind turbines that generate electrical energy
Alternative Energy An energy resource that is used instead of fossil fuels
Criticized to find faults or problems with
Impacted strongly or directly affected by something
Photovoltaic the generation of electricity with solar energy
Array a large group of one type of thing. Examples an army of solders or a stand of pecan trees
Ocean waves Ridges of water that move across water that transports sediments
Sand Dunes A mound of sand deposited by wind.
Debris the pieces that are left after something has been destroyed
Wedged a simple machine made of a flat, sloping surface that moves.
Smashed broken to pieces
Bedrock the solid rock that lies under the surface of the ground
Valley an area of low land between hills or mountains
Glacier A large slow moving body of ice that deposits minerals and carves out a "U" shape valley
Hurricane a very large and violent tropical storm.
Non-renewable Can NOT be replaced in a short amount of time
Renewable Can be replaced in a short amount of time
Nuclear energy energy given off when the nucleus or center of an atom breaks apart.
Uranium a mineral that is mined from the ground and is used for nuclear energy.
Landform A natural feature found on the Earth's surface
Canyon A deep valley caused by a river flowing through it
Landform Process of Change weather, pressure, water, wind moving sheets of ice
Compression a force that presses or squeezes
Stalactites Finger like formation from mineral slowly depositing from the roof of a cave
Stalagmites Finger like cave formations formed by slow deposition that build up from the ground
Cave A large underground chamber, typically of nature
Oil/petroleum and natural gas Made from dead plants and animals
Mesa A landform that is flat on top
Desert Arch Formed by wind picking up sand and blasting a hole in the rock
Conservation The wise use and protection of natural resources
Precipitation Another word for drizzle/rain/snow
Run off when the rain falls and the ground can no longer soak it all up the water flows over the surface of the ground until it finds a stream
Decompose to cause something (such as dead plants and the bodies of dead animals) to be slowly destroyed and broken down by natural processes
Created by: Justin.magers