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Latin Finals

Latin Finals for Logos Latin Book 2

Derivatives 1- 7 Erro Error (I wander)
Trans Transport (across)
Ventus Ventilation (wind)
Cras Procrastinate (tomorrow)
Urbs Urban (city)
Aqua Aquarium (water)
Studeo Studious (I study)
Know the following information 1- 18 What is the genative singular ending for 3 declension -is
What is the genative singular ending forve singular ending for 2 declension
What is the genative singular ending for 1 declension -ae
Translate one girl Una puella
What is the case used to find the base of a noun Genetive
What is the part of speech that follows a linking verb Predicate noun/ Predicate adjective
What is formed by adding -e to the base of an adjective Adverb
What are three ways an adjective must match the noun it's describing 1. Gender 2. Number 3. Case
What is the genetive case's job To show possession
What is the dative case's job Indirect object
Usually the question ending is attached to what part of speech Verb
What is the question ending that goes on the end of which word in a sentence 1st word in a sentence
What is the ending for a question -ne
What is added to the end of a verb stem to form a plural command -te
What is the verb stem of rogo, rogare Roga
Verb stems can also be used as what Singular command
What is another name for the second part of a verb Infinitive
What does the second principle part of a verb stand for To
Translate 1- 23 Discipuli Students
Medicus Doctor
Mima Actress
Gallus Rooster 🐓
Non Not
Porcellus Pig 🐖
Porcus Pig 🐷
Erit It will be
Sumus We are
Potest It is able
Voca Call
Canare To crow
Actores Actors
Militem Soldier
Cite Quickly
Secundum 2nd
Primus 1st
Gladium Sword
Imperatori To the emperor
Monstrat He shows
Pulchra Beautiful
Anulos Rings
Elephanto To the elephant
Quinqie 5
Gestabat She was wearing
Dabit He will be
Pilulam Pill
Magnum Large
In silvam In the forest
Spectant They look at
Bestiolas Insects
Created by: GuineaPigwca