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continence meds

WOCN program

anticholinergic can contribute to constipation, prolong colonic transport time can cause urinary retention by reducing detrusor contraction strength
antimuscarinic REDUCES detrusor OVERACTIVITY and increases capacity used with OAB and neurogenic bladder SE's include dry mouth and constipation
alpha-1 -adrenergic antagonist reduces urethral pressure used in BPH and neurogenic bladder SE hypotension
cholinergic STIMULATES detrusor
beta-3 adrenergic agonist RELAXES DETRUSOR, increase storage used with neurogenic bladder and OAB SE's less dry mouth, new or worsen HTN
osmotic laxatives softens stool, promotes peristalsis
stimulant laxative increases peristalsis, increases water absorption in large intestine
bulk forming laxatives increases bulk, increases water absorption
cholestyramine binds bile acids which have a promotility effect on bowel
skeletal muscle relaxant reduces muscle tone in rhabdosphincter and periurethral muscles neurogenic bladder
alpha adrenergic agonist promotes urethral sphincter closure, increases muscle tone in bladder neck includes cold meds SE's HTN, nervousness
5-alpha reductase inhibitors reduces size of prostate
meds for BPH 5-alpha reductase inhibitors alpha-1 -adrenergic antagonist
meds for OAB antimuscarinic beta-3 adrenergic agonist anticholinergic
meds for neurogenic bladder alpha-1 -adrenergic antagonist antimuscarinic anticholinergic beta-3 adrenergic agonist antispasmodic
meds that reduce detrusor activity antimuscarinic anticholinergic beta-3 adrenergic agonist
reduces urethral pressure alpha blockers/antagonist antispasmodic
increases bladder neck and urethra sphincter tone alpha agonist
Created by: Beth Perry