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Clouds and Weather

This stack will teach you about different clouds and how weather hapenns

Stratus Clouds Low lying, horizontal layered clouds-gray in color -No precipitation except for possible drizzle.
Cumulus Clouds Puff-grows upward-can turn into a cumulonimbus cloud.
Cumulonimbus Clouds Thunderstorm clouds-very heavy and dense-produce precipitation, thunder, lightening and tornadoes.
Cirrus Clouds Wispy and feathery-form at high altitudes-made of ice crystals-thin-sun can pass through them
Where 1 air mass meets the other A Front
When cold air moves into warm air its called A cold front
When warm air moves into cold air its called A warm front
Ocean water that flows from one place to another is called A current
The ocean interacts with the wind to create... A surface current
Surface currents are created when... Wind blows over the water in a certain direction
When warm air rises from land and meets cold air _ is created Wind
Biosphere Includes all living things including people
Geo-sphere Includes the layers of the earth, rock formation and soil.
Atmosphere A mixture of gases surrounding earth, including air
Hydrosphere Earth's water
Created by: Sarahp787