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Unit 3A Exam

Introduction to Planet Earth Unit Test

What are the spheres of the Earth? Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Geosphere, Biosphere
Which sphere contains all living organisms? The Biosphere.
Which sphere contains the most mass? The Geosphere
What are two types of forces that act to change the surface of the Earth? Constructive Forces and Destructive Forces.
What is a Constructive Force? A constructive force build up or adds mass to Earth's surface
What is a destructive force? A destructive force wears away mass from the surface of the Earth.
Which sphere contains all gasses? The atmosphere
How does the atmosphere help make life on Earth possible? It contains 21% oxygen.
How is the force of gravity affected by the distance between two objects? The further apart two objects are, the less gravitational pull they have on each other. The closer the two objects, the more they pull on each other.
How does mass affect the force of gravity? The more mass an object has, the stronger its gravitational pull.
If inertia pushes the moon away from the Earth, why doesn't it fly away from Earth? Earth's strong gravitational force pulls the moon toward the Earth.
If gravity pulls the moon toward the Earth, why doesn't the moon collide with Earth? Because the moon has inertia which pushes it away from the Earth.
Which occurs more often, a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse? A lunar eclipse happens more often
Why is a solar eclipse so rare? Because the moon is so small compared to the Earth and sun, so it has to be in one perfect position to block sunlight from hitting the Earth.
The moon rotates once in the same amount of time that it rotates once. What does this mean for us? It means that we always see the same side of the moon
How long does it take the moon to make one complete revolution around the Earth? Roughly 28 days
Thinking about the revolution of the moon, how long does it take for the moon to go from the new moon phase to the full moon phase? Roughly 14 days (or two weeks)
When we slowly go from winter, to spring to summer, what is occurring the strength of the sunlight that we experience? The sun's light is becoming more direct or more concentrated
How do tides occur? The gravity of the sun and the moon pulls on Earth, but water is able to move while the land cannot.
Why are the tides associated more with the moon than with the sun? Because the moon is closer to the Earth, so the moon's gravitational pull is stronger than the sun's so far away.
What happens to the tides when the sun and the moon are lined up with the Earth? A spring tide. because the gravitational forces of the sun and the moon are working together and pulling water in the same direction.
What happens to the tides when the Sun and the moon are at an angle to the Earth? A Neap tide, because the sun and the moon are not working together and they are pulling the water in different directions.
How does a lunar eclipse happen? When the moon passes behind the Earth, the shadow of the Earth falls on the moon creating a lunar eclipse.
What is the force that causes the tides of Earth's water? Gravity
In which phase of the moon do solar eclipses occur? The new moon phase
When does Earth have the highest high tide and the lowest low tide? During a Spring Tide when the sun, the Earth, and the moon are in la line so that the sun and the moon can pull together
What does the surface of the moon look like? It is very dry and irregular
Which areas of the Earth always receive the least amount of direct sunlight? The North and south poles.
How long does it take for the Earth to REVOLVE? One year
In which phase of the moon do lunar eclipses occur? The full moon
Why do the north and south poles receive only indirect sunlight? Because of their location, they ALWAYS get sunlight from an angle.
How long does it take for the Earth to ROTATE One Day
From our perspective on Earth, it looks like the sun 'rises in the east and sets in the west' but does the sun actually move? No, the sun does not move, the Earth is rotating east to west.
How long does it takes for the moon to go from new moon to full moon? 14 days (or 2 weeks)
How does a solar eclipse happen? The moon passes between the sun and the Earth. The moon casts a shadow on the Earth.
During which phase of the moon can a solar eclipse occur? During the new moon phase.
What two forces combine together to keep the moon in orbit around the Earth? Both inertia and gravity.
Created by: scanto
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