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Chapter 5 Science

Populations and Ecosystems

Part of the soil of the __________ is frozen all year round. tundra
The relationship of __________ means that both populations benefit. mutualism
____________ is a relationship between two organisms in which one benefits while the other is harmed. parasitism
The __________ has many evergreen trees. taiga
A(an) __________ is made up of the first organisms to colonize an area. pioneer community
A characteristic that helps an organism survive is called a(an) ___________. adaptation
When ecological succession slows down, a(an) ____________ has formed. climax community
A deciduous forest is an example of a(an) __________. biome
__________describes relationships that last from one generation to the next. symbiosis
The Gobi and Mojave are examples of the ________. desert
One example of a parasitic plant is __________. mistletoe
Surface mining can harm the environment when ________________. trees are cut down to clear land
A relationship in which one organism benefits from another without helping or harming it is called ______________. commensalism
A ______________ is an example of a biome. grassland
The shallow roots of the barrel cactus help it survive in the desert by __________________. soaking up rain very quickly
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