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Class Notes

Georgia Law Supplement

The ____ -- ____ is the chief officer of the Insurance Department and enforces Georgia's insurance laws. Commissioner of Insurance
The ____ has the authority to: - appoint personnel to help the Insurance Department carry out its duties. - maintain Georgia's official insurance records - make rules and regulations to carry out the Georgia insurance code - Conduct hearings Commissioner
The ____ may appoint any assistants, examiners, actuaries, clerks, or employees to cary out the duties of the Department. - Department appointees cannot have any financial interest in an insurer or agency. Commissioner
All rules and regulations made by the Commissioner must be approved by the ____ ____ and filed at the Commissioner's office for at least 1- days before they become effective. Attorney General
The Commissioner must compile an ____ ____ containing the following information. - Names and financial statements of authorized insurers - Names of insurers whose businesses were closed during the year, the reason the businesses were closed `annual report
____ and ____ issued by the Commissioner must state: - its effective date - its intent or purpose - the grounds upon which is it based, and - the provisions of the insurance code under which the action is to be taken. Orders and Notices
____ and ____ can be served by mail at the recipient's place of business or last known address Notices and Orders
____ to multiple recipients may be served through electronic mail and the Departments website. Notices