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1. Name 2 distinctive qualities of bebop drumming. 1) cymbal maintains pulse2) dropping “bombs”
c2. What is the bebop signature? two note motif
3. What is the term for a new melody composed over the harmony of an old song?recomposition recomposition
4a. What happened to Dizzy Gillespie’s trumpet in 1953? bent bell
l4b. What part of the body is used by vocalists and wind players to control air flow? diaphragm
5. What in Latin American music is both the name of a rhythm AND instrument? clave
6. What was one of the early fusions of jazz and Latin called? cubop
7. What club was known as the bebop laboratory? Minstons
8. What 2 things about Thelonious Monk's style makes it possible for him to reach into his pocket, grab a handkerchief, and wipe his face...all while playing piano and smoking a cigarette? 1) spare use of notes2) rhythmic use of silence
9. What is the term for a dissonant group of pitches played simultaneously on piano? Cluster
10. How does Monk unwind? spins in circles
11. The word “bebop” is an ancestor to the name of what modern music? hip-hop
1. What 1950 LP created a style that contrasted bebop?“ birth of the cool
2. For the first time since Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis...changed the tone of the trumpet
3. What 1959 LP is considered to be the quintessential jazz recording? kind of blue
4. What accessory helped create the Miles Davis sound? harmon mute
5. Name 2 characteristics of cool. restraint and space
6. What did California-based cool jazz become known as? west coast jazz
7. What was the fusion of classical and jazz known as? thrird stream
8. Alfred Lion got musicians to record by getting them to have an... unrestricted flow of ideas
9. What does Max Roach consider Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff to be? visionaries
11. In comparison to other companies, Blue Note Records was essentially an... indie label
What modern Blue Note Records recording artist resembles cool? norah Jones
1. Whatmovement did free jazz parallel? avant-garde
2. Name 2 characteristics of free. 1) no chords2) no timesignature
3. Free jazz musicians were attempting to re-invent... musical language
4. Cecil Taylor’s avant-garde approach to playing piano featured a... rhythmic attack
5. To help organize improvisations, some free jazz musicians used.. 1) motivic cells2) popular melodies
6a. When bassist Charles Mingus talks about “suggesting” a beat and playing in front orback of it, he is referring to... timing
6b. Mingus approached improvisation like having a... conversation
7. What quality was often perceived in the music of John Coltrane? spiriitual
8. How didColtrane keep his free improvisation organized? periodic return of melody
9. Coltrane pushed toward an unprecedented density of... sonic textures
10. The essence of Coltrane’s search was “through sound... realize truth”
1. Name 3 styles guitarist Pat Metheny fused with jazz. 1) new age2) Latin3) world
2. Fusion was the first jazz that was NOT based on.. .horns or singing
3. Which guitarist inspired Miles Davis’ fusion phase? Jimi Hendrix
4. What was being recorded during the Miles Davis’ 1969 Bitches BrewLP sessions? process of discovery
5. Herbie Hancock’s 1973 Head HuntersLP fused jazz with.. .funk
6. Herbie Hancock’s 1983 Future ShockLP fused jazz with.. .hip-hop
7. What kind of smooth jazz is sometimes heard in elevators? muzak
8. What genre in the 1980s had instrumentation similar to smooth jazz? R&B
9. What continues to be the most iconic jazz instrument? sax
10. What institution is aligning jazz with the importance of classical music? Jazz at Lincoln Center
11. List the name and instrument of each (professional musician) member of the Marsalis family .Jason –drums Ellis (the father) –pianoDelfeayo –tromboneBranford –saxWynton –trumpet
Created by: luzdeluna
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