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Chemical I Review

Chemical Interaction Review

What is a process in which starting substances change into different substances? Chemical Reaction
Bubbles, color change, temperature chance, precipitate forms, and a new substances are all evidence that a _________ ___________has occurred. Chemical Reaction
What happens to atoms during a chemical reaction? The atoms rearrange to form a new substance.
Which one of the following is not made up of atoms: Solids, Matter, Gas, Heat, or Liquid. Heat
What happens when particles of gold melt? The kinetic energy of the particles increases until they break away from each other and begin moving around the other particles of gold. The solid gold has changed phase to liquid gold.
Imagine that you remove all the particles that make up a wooden table. What remains? Nothing
When water boils, bubbles rise up through the water. What is inside those bubbles? Water particles
Sugar melts and sugar dissolves. What happens at the particle level? Sugar melts when kinetic energy increases enough for the particles to move past one another. Sugar dissolves when a liquid breaks away from the solid substance.
Water and air reach equilibrium when________. The average kinetic energy (temperature) is the same.
How do particles in cold air differ from particles of hot air? The particles of cold air are closer together, have less kinetic energy, and move slower than hot air particles.
Describe energy transfer between a water sample and the air in the room at equilibrium. The energy transfer is equal in both directions because they are at equilibrium so they have the same average kinetic energy.
If a chemical reaction occurs in a sealed chamber, what happens to the mass of the matter inside and why? The mass will stay the same because the number of each kind of atom stays the same.
Engineers use scientific discoveries to develop solutions to real-life problems. After they discover a good solution, should they consider their work done? why or why not? They may have found a solution that works, but there could be something better. Or a new scientific discovery could be made in the future that would allow the engineer to make a better design.
Solid water (ice) does not flow. Liquid water does flow because the particles of liquid water ______________. can easily move past one another, but the particles of solid ice cannot.
When a syringe is filled with air, you can compress the air by pushing the plunger down. If you fill the syringe with water, you cannot compress the water. The difference is because the water particles ____________________. are packed less closely together than air particles.
What is the difference between the substances represented by the symbols Co and CO? Co is the symbol for the element cobalt. CO is the symbol for a substance composed of two elements: carbon and oxygen.
Phase change from solid to gas. Sublimation
Phase change from gas to solid. Deposition
Phase change from liquid to gas Evaporation
Phase change from solid to liquid. Melting
Phase change from gas to liquid Condensation
Phase change from liquid to solid. Freezing
A student has a 10 L (10,000 mL) fish tank. The water needs to be 28 degrees Celsius for her fish. When she filled the tank, the temperature of the water was 12 degrees Celsius. How many calories of heat must transfer to the aquarium before it is ready for the fish? Temperature change = final temperature - initial temperature= 28-12=16 degrees Celsius Cal= mass X temperature change= 10,000g X 16 = 160,000 calories
There are millions of different substances on Earth, and every one is identified by a unique ______________________. chemical formula
Anything that has mass and occupies space. Matter
Specific forms of matter. Substances
The smallest piece of a substance. Particle
The basic particle of an element. Atom
What type of materials reduce energy transfer? Insulating material
What is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles of a substance? Temperature
How does energy transfer when particles collide? From the particle with more energy to the particle with less energy. Hot to cold.
Basic building block of all matter. ELements
How many elements occur naturally according to your book? 90
What affects phase change? kinetic energy
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