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Pre/intra/post op

pre/intra/post op

what is a diagnosis surgery determination of the presence and/or extent of pathology
2 examples of diagnosis surgery lymph node biopsy, bronchoscopy
What is a cure surgery elimination or repair of pathology
2 examples of a cure surgery removeal of ruptured appendix, benign ovarian cyst
What is a palliation surgery alleviation of symptoms w/o cure
2 examples of palliation surgery cutting a nerve root(rhizotomy) to remove sx of pain, creating a colostomy to bypass an inoperable bowel obstruction
What is a prevention surgery removing something before cancer or complication can start
2 examples of prevention surgery removal of a mole before it becomes malignant, removal of the colon in a pt with familial polyposis to prevent cancer
What is exploration surgery surgical examination to dertermine the nature or extent of disease
1 example of exploration surgery laparotomy
What is cosmetic imporvement surgery Changing a part of the body that has been changed for the worse by unforseen curcumstances.
2 examples of cosmetic improvement surgery Repairing a burn, scar, or breast change.
What is Elective surgery carefully planned surgery
What is a Emergancy surgery Unexpected stat surgery
What is a ambulatory surgery Same day or outpatient surgery. Surgeries usually less than 2 hours and 3-4hrs in PACU
What drugs should cause alert prior to surgery Immunosuppression meds, anticoagulantes, NSAIDS, Herbs
Whatis the importance of doing a cardiovascular assessment prior to surgery To determine the presence of preexiting disease or existing problems that need to be monitored during/after surgery
What is the importance of doing a respiratory assessment prior to surgery to determine problems that need to me monitored during/after surgery. bronchospasm, laryngospasm decrease O2 saturations
What is the importance of doing a Nervous system assessment prior to surgery To make sure they have the same cognitive/physical abilities before/after surgery
What is the importance of doing a Urinary system assessment prior to surgery decrease renal function may contribute to an altered response to drugs & unperdictable drug elimination
What is the importance of doing Hepatic system assessment prior to surgery Exsisting problems increase perioperative risk for clotting abnormalities and adverse reactions to meds
What is the importance to doing skin assessement prior to surgery Wound healing problems, effects of anethesia on obese pt, the need for more padding on thinner pts
what is the importance of doing musculoskeletal assessment prior surgery mobility restrictions may influence intra/post operative positioning and ambulation
What is the importance of doing an assessment on the endocrine system adverse reactions to anesthesia and surgery delayed healing/infection (hypo/hyperthyroidism)
what is the importance of doing a immune system assessment Impairement of the immune system can lead to delayed wouldn healing and increase risk of post op infections
what is the importance of doind a nutritional status assessment prior to surgery obese vs malnurited could = decrease healing, longer lasting effects
What are the 2 conditions that must be met for consent to be valid Adequate disclosure of the DX, Pt must demonstrate clear understanding, pt much give consent voluntarily
What are the RNs responsibility in regards to the consent witness, verify pt understands
What is the role of the pre op RN Pre-op teaching, assessment, communication of pertinent findings, ensuring all pre-op orders are completed
What is conscious sedation drug induced depression of consciousness that retains the pt ability to maintain his/her own airway & respond to verbal commands
What is general anesthesia loss of sensation with loss of consciousness
what is local anesthesia loss of sensation w/o loss of consciousness
What is regional anesthesia loss of sensation to a region of the body w/o loss of consciousness
What is the role of opiods during anesthesia sedation, analgesia, intraoperatively for induction and amaintenance of anesthesia and anagesics & post op pain maintaince
What is the role of benzodiazepines with anesthesia Premedication for amnesia, induction & maintence, supplemental IV sedation
What is malignant hyperthermia metabolic disease characterized by hyperthermia with rigidity of skeletal muscles that can result in death
What is the reversal agent for malignant hyperthermia Dantrolene
What complications can arise with respiratory system Airway obstruction, Hypoxemia(atelectasis), Bronchospasm, Hypoventalation
What complications can arise with cardiovascular system Hypotension, hypertension
What complications can arise with neurological/Psychological system emergence delirium
Treatment for a airway obstruction pt stimulation, O2, suctioning, antihistumines, corticosteriods, intubations
TX for Hypoxemia(atelectasis) O2, bronchodilators
Tx for Bronchospasm O2, bronchodilators
TX for Hypoventalation stimulation, repositionsing, ventalation, O2
Tx for Hypotension O2, IV bolus, Meds
Tx for HTN O2, analgesics, drug therapy
TX for emergence delirium sedation (goes away with time)
TX for Hypothermia warm blanket, forced air warmers, heated water mattresses
TX for nausea & vomiting antiemetic or prokinetic drugs
TX for adb distention freq ambulation, expel flatus
Complications for urinary system decrease urine output, Acute urinary retention, Oliguria
Complications for integumentray(skin)system wound infection, delayed wound healing
Midazolam(Versed) is used for what Reduce anxiety, amnesic effects
What drug is Midazolam(Versed) in benzodiazepine
Adverse reactions for Medazolam(Versed) apnea, laryngospasm, respiratory depression, cardia arrest, phlebitis @IV site
Nursing considerations for Midazolam(Versed) Assess LOC, Monitor Vitals
What is morphine used for pain control
What class is morphine in opioids
What are the adverse reactions/side effects for morphine confusion, sedation, respiratory depression, hypotension, constipation
what is the nursing considerations for morphine Assess pain q hr, assess LOC, Assess Bowel function, vitals
What is Promethazine used for Antiemetic, anithistamine, sedative
What are the adverse reactions/side effects for promethazine Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, confusion, disorientation, sedation
What are the nursing considerations for promethazine Monitor vitals, Assess state of mind
What is Ondansetron(Zofran) used for prevent nausea & vomiting
What drug class is Ondansetron(Zofran) in Antiemetic
What are the adverse effects/side effects for Ondansetron(Zofran) Headache, constipation, diarrhea
What are the nursing implications for Ondansetron(zofran) assess pt for involuntary movements, assess for nausea, vomiting, abd distention
What is Oxycodone/acetaminophen(Percocet) used for Pain relief
What drug class is OXycodone/acetaminophen(Percocet) in Opioid
What are the adverse effects/side effects of Percocoet confusion, sedation, respiratory depression, constipation
What are the nursing consideration for Percocoet Assess pain, vitals, bowel function
What is Hydrocodone(vicodin) used for Pain relief
What drug class is Hydrocodone(vicoden) in Opioid
What are the adverse reactions/side effects of Hydrocodone(vicoden) confusion, dizziness, sedation, hypotension, constipation, dyspepsia, nausea
What are the nursing considerations for Hydrocodone(Vicoden) Assess vitals, bowel function, pain
In what assessment do you assess bleeding/clotting times Cardiovascular assessment
pt with COPD or asthma is at high risk for what? Atelectasis and Hypoxemia
Post-op delirium can occur with what? dehydration, hypothermia, and adjunctive medications
Pts with Diabetes Mellitus are at high risk for what? hypo/hyperdylcemia, ketosis, cardiovascular alterations, delayed wound healing, infection
Renal dysfunction contriutes to what issues Fluid and electrolye imbalances, increased risk for infection, impaired wound healing, altered resonse to drugs and their elimination
Pts with Addisons disease are at risk for what? Abruptly stopping replacement corticosteroids could cause addisonian crisis
Obese pts have what problems in post op stresses cardiac and pulmonary systems, increased risk of wound dehisence and infections, delayed wound healing, slower recovery from anesthesia
Created by: nate7722
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