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Science Chap 5


The ability to do work or cause change? Energy
What are the two basic kinds of energy? Kinetic & Potential
What determines if energy is considered Kinetic or potential? If it’s transferred or stored
Energy is measured in ? Joules
When an object or organism does work on an object what happens? It transfers energy onto that object
The energy of motion is called Kinetic energy
The Kinetic energy of an object depends on what two things Mass and velocity
How do you calculate KInetic energy Mass x velocity(sq)/2
Does mass or velocity have a greater effect on kinetic energy? Velocity
Stored energy is known as Potential energy
Energy associated with objects that can be stretched or compressed is called Elastic potential energy
Energy that depends on height is called Gravitational potential energy
The amount of gravitational potential energy an object has is also equal to the work done to? Lift it
What is the formula to calculate gravitational potential energy Weight x height
A leaping frog is an example of what form of energy Mechanical energy
Melting ice is an example of what form of energy Thermal energy
Which form of energy is associated with the motion or position of an object Mechanical energy
All matter is made up of small particles called Atoms and molecules
Do atoms or molecules have potential energy? Kinetic energy? Or both? Kinetic and potential
When the thermal energy of an object increases its particles do what Speed up and get warmer
Which form of energy- the total energy of the particles in an object? Thermal energy.
Chocolate is an example of what form of energy Chemical energy
The cells in your body store what form of energy Chemical
What form of energy-potential energy stored in chemical bonds that hold chemical compounds together Chemical energy
The food you eat is an example of what form of energy Chemical
A match is an example of what form of energy Chemical
Wood or wax are forms of what energy Chemical
A shock from a metal door knob is a form of Electrical energy
Batteries provide what form of energy Electrical energy
What form of energy travels in waves that has some electric and magnetic properties Electromagnetic energy
Light that you see is a form of what energy Electromagnetic
Infrared radiation is a form of what energy Electromagnetic
Microwaves are an example of what form of energy Electromagnetic
Energy stored in the core of an atom is a form of what energy Nuclear energy
The Sun creates a nuclear reaction called nuclear —blank— Fusion
A nuclear reaction when the nucleus splits is called Fission
Do nuclear power plants use fission or fusion reactions to produce nuclear energy Fission
Potential or kinetic- when you transfer energy to an object and you chang it’s position or shape? Potential
T or F- any form of energy can be converted into any other form of energy? True
A change from one form of energy to another is called an Energy conversion
T or F- mommy smells like burnt toast True
T or F-a series of energy conversions is usually needed to complete a task True
A toaster converts electrical energy to ———- energy to make toast Thermal
Your body converts ———energy in the food you eat into ———— energy to move your muscles Chemical, mechanical
Ultraviolet light is an example of what form of energy Electromagnetic
Batteries produce what form of energy Electrical
Power lines supply what form of energy Electrical
Moving electrical charges produces what form of energy Electrical
In an electric motor, ——— energy is converted to ———- energy that can be used to run a machine Electrical, mechanical
In order to heat your body, you convert ———- energy from food you eat into ——— energy Chemical, thermal
The most common conversion of energy is the conversion of potential energy to Kinetic energy
When u stretch a rubberband you give it what kind of potential energy Elastic potential energy
Any object that rises or falls experiences a change in its Kinetic and —— energy Potential
When you toss a ball in the air and it begins to rise, its kinetic energy begins to decrease but it’s ——— energy begins to increase Potential energy
Is energy destroyed over time? No
When u toss a ball in the air, what point does it reach its maximum potential energy It’s highest point before it starts to fall
Definition of law of conservation of energy stars that energy cannot——- Be created or destroyed
When one form of energy is converted to another form of energy how much energy is destroyed in the process? None because energy cannot be created or destroyed According to the law of conservation of energy.
The energy we use today from earth are in the form of Fuels or fossil fuels
What is a fossil fuel Coal, gas and petroleum which were formed millions of years ago through geological processes
How was coal formed? Plants and animals died and were compressed under high temperatures in the ground
Do fossil fuels create energy? No, they store energy
Where did fossil fuels get the energy that they store The sun
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