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Anoxia condition of being without oxygen
Apnea absence of breathing
Atelectasis collapsed area of the lung
Cannula a tube for insertion into a cavity
cyanosis blue tinge to the skin or mucous membrane
dyspnea difficulty breathing
endotracheal within the trachea
expectorate cough up and spit out
expiration movement of air out of the lungs
humidifier device supplying moisture
hypercapnia increased level of carbon dioxide in the blood
hemothorax blood in the cavity without air
pneumothorax air in the pleural cavity
hemopneumo caused from true trauma, also will have tension pneumo (both air and blood)
hypoxemia decreased amount of oxygen in the bloodstream
hypoxia less oxygen available to meet cellular needs
inspiration movement of air into the lungs
nebulizer device that dispenses liquid in a fine spray
obturator a curved guide fora tracheostomy tube
retractions muscles moving inward on inspiration
stridor high pitched, harsh, or musical sounds on inspiration
tachypnea fast breathing rate
tenacious sticky
tracheostomy opening into the trachea
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