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Mod. G 4-2 Reducing

Mod. G Unit 4 Lesson 2 Reducing Human Impact

Aquifer an underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock, rock fractures or unconsolidated materials (gravel, sand, or silt) from which groundwater can be extracted using a water well.
Correlation mutual relation of two or more things, parts, etc., when two data sets have related trends.
Cause and Effect a relationship between events or things, where one is the result of the other or others, there must be a mechanism by which one variable causes change in the other.
Sustainable Way Using a resource so that the resource continues to be available.
Thermal Pollution the harmful release of heated liquid into a body of water or heat released into the air as a waste product of industry.
Criterion a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided.
Constraint something that limits or controls what you can do.
Infrastructure The basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.
Contour Farming the practice of tilling sloped land along lines of consistent elevation in order to conserve rainwater and to reduce soil losses from surface erosion.
Urban Planner a person who plans and designs cities, they may make recommendations and decisions that determine how cities grow and function.
Created by: howellr