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Chapter 40 Vocab

Navarro EMT 40

Acute Renal Failure Rapid loss of renal function
Apnea monitor Device that monitors breathing
Bariatrics Medical management of obese patient
Bilevel positive airway pressure Continues flow of oxygen to the patient
Birth Defects A variation from normal structure or function that is present at birth
Cataract ???????????????
Central intravenous catheter Catheter that is designed to give medications
Chronic Kidney Disease Loss of kidney function over a period of time
Chronic Renal Failure Loss of kidney function
Continous Positive Airway Pressure Delivers a continuous flow of pressure
Diabetic Retinopathy Damage to the small blood vessels to the eye from diabetics
Dialysis special fluid used for dialysis
Dialysis Shunt A ______of arterial and venous system
Dysarthia Defective speech caused by impairment of the tongue
Enteral Feeding A tube that feeds the patient
Glaucoma Pressure in the skull that causes damage to the optic nerves
Hospice Relief for the family members
Intraventicular Shunt A be placed in the ventricle of the brain that extends to a blood vessel that drains the pressure
Medical oxygen Oxygen administered to improve the patients health
Ostomy Bag A bag that collect feces
Paraplegic Paralyzed from the waist down
Quadriplegic All four limbs paralyzed usually neck down
Stoma a permanent surgical opening into the neck
Surgically implanted medication delivery device Medications givin through IVS
Terminally ILL A patient that knows he is going to pass
Totally implantable Venouse Access System ??????
Tacheostomy Insertion of a Stoma
Urinary Catheter Catheter inplaced in the organ to release urin
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