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Intro- R+J


Name the 1st theme you hear in the intro? Friar L.
State the key and time signature? F sharp minor, 4/4
State the instrument playing the melody? 1st Clarinet
State the accompanying instruments? 2nd Clarient, basssoons
State the mood? Solemn, low pitch, slow temo (andante), soft dynamics etc.
The music has been described as souding like .......... Russian Orthodox Chant, 4 part harmony.
What cadence does it end with? Imperfect
Name some musical features? Step movement, repeated notes, minims, crotchets.
What is the section after the Fr L theme called? Transition
Describe the music of the transistion? Ambivilant tonality initially, then E minor, layering of strings in order of dbl bass/cello, vla, V1, V2. Inverted F minor spread on harp alternating with ww, antiphony ww and strings
How does the 2nd hearing of Fr L differ to the 1st? Different key, st lower F minor, fl + ob play melody, strings accompany playing countermelody- polyphonic/counterpoint
Describe the 3rd hearing of Fr L? A chromatic version played by ww
What atmposphere do the timpani create? Tension, sense of foreboding, ominous presence.
What chord does the timpani crash appear on? F sharp, dominat of B minor which is the key of Expo.
Created by: goneill