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Africa Geo Terms

Vocabulary for Africa Geography Unit

Causes of desertification Over-grazing, over farming, cutting down scattered trees, drought
Causes of deforestation Cutting down forests for living space, farmland, and timber products
Extremely dry area that covers most of Northern Africa Sahara Desert
Wet area in the desert fed by underground springs Oasis
Transition zone between the Sahara and the Savannah in Africa Sahel (steppe region)
Large grasslands with scattered trees in Africa Savannah
Thick forests with 70 foot high trees in humid tropical areas of Africa Tropical Rainforest
Farming just enough to feed you and your family Subsistence farming
Most common economic activities in the Sahara Nomadic herding. Farming is possible in areas that can be irrigated like the Nile River valley.
Most common economic activities in the Sahel Nomadic herding and subsistence farming
Most common economic activities in the Tropical rainforest Subsistence farming, timber, eco-tourism
Most common economic activities in the Savannah Subsistence farming, commercial farming, eco-tourism, herding
Most common economic activities in Nigeria Oil, subsistence farming, nomadic herding
How does poor soil contribute to deforestation? People have to keep cutting down more forest for farmland because they poor soil only supports farms for a few years before it loses its fertility.
How does desertification impact Africa? People have to move when the soil can't support life anymore. This causes more desertification when they repeat their activities and overcrowding in cities. Famines can also occur.
Widespread shortages of food Famine
Long period of abnormally low rainfall Drought
Fancy Social Studies Word for Warm Tropical
Fancy Social Studies Word for Wet (High Precipitation) Humid
Fancy Social Studies Word for Dry Arid
Fancy Social Studies Word for sort of dry Semi-Arid
Continually moving to allow your animals to have enough to eat in arid and semi-arid regions of the world Nomadic Herding
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