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Chapter 37 vocab

Navarra EMT 37

After Birth The placenta and other tissue that are expelled after the delivery of the fetus
Amniotic Sac A thin, transparent membrane that forms the sac that holds the fetus
Antepartum The period of pregnancy prior to the onset of labor
Bloody Show The mucus and blood that are expelled from the Vagina as labor begins
Breech Birth A common abnormality of delivery in which the fetal buttocks are first to come out.
Cervix the neck of the uterus
Crowning The stage in delivery when the fetal head presents at the Vagina
Fallopian tubes Thin, flexible structures that extend from the uterus to the ovaries.
Fetus The child in the uterus from the 3rd month of pregnancy to birth
intrapartum The period of time from the onset of labor todelivery
Labor the process of a child coming out of the Vagina
Limb presentation When the arm or leg presents itself first out of the vagina
Meconium staining the brownish or yellowish stain that comes from the bowels of the fetus
miscarriage When the fetus dies inside of the uterus
Multiple Birth the delivery of more than one baby
neonate a child from birth to one month of age
nuchal cord an umbilical cord that is wrapped around the fetus neck
obsteric Having to do with childbirth
ovaries the female gonads or sex glands
perineum the skin between the vagina and anus
placenta fetus is able to get rid of waste during pregnancy
post maturity syndrome when the fetus extends beyond 42 weeks
post partum the period following delivery of the infant
post partum hemorrhage loss of 500 ml or more after delivery
postern pregnancy pregnancy that last longer than 42 weeks
precipitous delivery birth of a baby less than 3 hours
pregnancy-induced hypertension BP 146/90 2 times, 6 hours apart
premature infant infant wighs less than 5 pounds, or born before 38 weeks
premature rupture membrane rupture of the membrane before 38 weeks
preterm labor labor that happens after the 20th week but before the 38th
prolapsed cord the umbilical cord comes out before the head
shoulder Dystocia The fetal shoulders are bigger than the head
Spontaneous abortion The baby dies before 20 weeks
Supine hypotensive syndrome When the female lays on her back BP goes up
Umbilical Cord Cord that nourishes the baby
Uterus Female reproductive system that contains eggs
Vagina The passageway for the fetus
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