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warriors and lovers

mortal and immortal lovers of zeus and warriors

Alcmene o Daughter of Electryon o Mother of Twins: Hercules (Strength) and Iphicles (Nothing) o Princess of Tiryns o Zeus appeared wearing Amphitryon’s Wedding Cloak
Antiope o Daughter of Nycteus (Spartoi) o Mother of Twins: Amphion (Smarts) and Zethus (Strength) o Kings of Thebes o Zeus appeared as a Satyr
europa o Daughter of Agenor o Mother of Minos (Pompus A**) o King of Crete o Zeus appeared as a Bul
Leda o Wife of Tyndareus (King of Sparta) o Mother of Twins: Dioscouri (Pollux-Z / Castor – T) o Mother of Helen (Beauty) o Zeus appeared as a Swan; Leda laid 2 Blue Eggs
niobe o Mother of Argus o King of Argos
pluto o Oceanid Nymph o Mother of Tantalus (Suffering) o Served son Pelops to the Gods, punished to Tartarus
Semele o Daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia o Demi-Goddess (Entitlement) o Mother of Dionysus (Party/Wine) o Zeus appeared to her as song-bird o Consumed by Zeus’ true form.
Created by: gb20009