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Pushing Up the Sky

Unit 3 Week 2 Reading Street Third Grade

narrator a person who is telling a story
antlers bony, branching growths on the head of the male deer, elk, or moose
imagined made a picture of idea of something in your mind
languages human speech, spoken or written, of different groups or countries
overhead over the head; on high; above
poked pushed with force
abundant more than enough; very plentiful
scarce hard to find; not enough of
elder older person in a community
existence to be alive
shrivel too much sun, not enough water makes a plant not grow
scorch to burn something slightly
irritable annoyed, unhappy
pierce to make a hole in it with something
torrent powerful rush of water; a heavy downpour
fertile land that is good for growing
prefix word parts at the beginning of a base word that changes the meaning
unhappy not happy
recall to remember
disappear is not there
unload not load
mistake error
misspell to spell wrong
dislike to not like
replace to get another
mislead to lead faslely
disagree to not agree with
rewrite to write again
unroll to spread out
unknown not known
dishonest not honest or truthful
react to respond
unfortunate having bad luck
discourage to not encourage
recycle to use something again or for another purpose
mispronounce to say incorrectly
character a person or animal in a story
setting where and when a story takes place
plot includes the important events that happen at the beginning, middle, and end of a story
syllables how words are divided
main verb shows action in a sentence
helping verb shows the time of action
compare to show how two things are alike
contrast to show how two things are different
un- not
re- again
mis- bad, wrong
dis- opposite of
am, is, are present tense of a helping verb
was, were, had, have, has past tense of a helping verb
will future tense of a helping verb
Created by: Cherylanne
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