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7th U 3-1 Science

Cell Theory

A theory that describes the basic foundation theories of modern biology. Cell Theory
Early 1670's __ became the first person to report observations of living cells under a microscope. Anton van Leeuwenhoek
1839, __, a botanist and __, a physiologist, independently observed that plants and animals are made from cells. Their work showed that living things are made of cells. Matthias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann
In 1840's, biologist __ proposed that cells grow only from exiting cells. Robert Remak
Is credited with saying, "Where a cell arises, there a cell must previously have existed." Rudolf Virchow
___ proposed that the cell is the smallest functioning unit of life. Anything smaller than a cell cannot live independently. Theodor Schwann
One of the foundations theories of modern biology that describes the basic characteristics of all cells and organisms. Cell Theory
A student observing a sample of cheek cells noticed that all of the cells were identical. Cell are identical because all cells come from other cells through ___, Division
According to cell theory, all cells ___. Come from other cells
According to cell theory, what do an onion, a fly, and a mushroom have in common? Cells are the basic unit of structure for each organism.
As students left class, they were asked to write a statement about the properties that all cells share. Student A said, "All cells make their own food using external energy sources."Student B said, "All cells extract energy from food to survive."Student C said, "All cells use a nucleus to control other cellular functions."Student D said, "All cells respond to changes in order to maintain homeostasis." Which students wrote correct statements about the properties that all cells share? Student B and Student D
Robert Hooke, Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, and Henri Dutrochet all contributed to the discovery of what idea? Cell Theory
Which of the following are true based on Cell Theory? 1.) Cells are composed of DNA. 2.) All organisms are made of cells. 3,) All cells contain the same organelles. 4.) Cells carry on similar functions. Number 2-All organisms are made of cells, and Number 4-Cells carry on similar functions.
Which of the following do all living things have in common? A. Cells held up by cell walls. B. The method to get water and food into their cells. C. Cells made from pre-existing cells. D. Special cells that can do many different things C. Cells made from pre-existing cells
Which of the following is not a main component of cell theory? A. Cells are the basic unit in living things. B. All living things are made up of cells. C. Cells come from cells. D. all cells are eukaryotic. D. All cells are eukaryotic
Created by: wmeeks