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Chapter 14 Weiser

True or False Heat is an example of matter. False
After water boils, the property of matter that is the same is____________. mass
Matter made up of only one type of atom is an ________. element
A measure of how much mass is in a volume of matter_________. density
A combination of two or more substances_______________ mixture
An ice cube changing shape and picking up water is an example of : A solid melts into a liquid and freezes back into a solid
A drink mix and water is an example of a_________________. solution
A copper penny and a copper kettle have the same _________because they are made of the same____________________. density substance
Which process would change the mass of an iron bolt? rusting
A chart that organizes elements by atomic number is a___________________. periodic table
The_______________is the center of the atom where protons and neutrons are. nucleus
An_____________is the smallest particle of matter that still acts like that kind of matter. atom
A tiny particle made up of two or more atoms joined together is a __________. molecule
_________________is a physical change. Recycling
In dissolving substances the particles are____________mixed. evenly
Zero degrees has two different names because: It's the melting point and the freezing point
___________is a molecule of an element because it has_______in it. Ozone oxygen
Melting butter and shredding cheese are examples of __________change. physical
Scientists use the term__________to describe what happens to the mass and volume of cheese. conservation of matter
Created by: Mrs. Logan