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science chapter 1

3rd grade

group of the same the kind of fish that live together school
group of animals that live together herd
cattle, elephants, deer, whales examples of herds
group of the same kind birds that live together flock
area where prairie dogs live prairie dog town
group of the same kind of animal living in an area animal population
schools, herds, flocks, prairie dog towns types of animal populations
where do prairie dogs live? western part of North America
small underground rooms connected by tunnels where prairie dogs live
why are there mounds on top of prairie dog tunnes when the dogs dig the tunnels they leave dirt on top
types of tunnel rooms nest, storing food, sleeping, guard room
how do prairie dogs recognize each other by kissing
how do prairie dogs kiss by touching their front teeth together
a group of insects that live together insect colony
insects that live in colonies ants, termites, honey bees, hornets
honey bee colonies live in nests called what hives
three types of bees in a honey bee colony queen, worker, drone
queen's job to lay eggs
three jobs of the worker bees help build the hive, make and store the honey, care for the young and the queen, look for food
male bees that mate with the queen drones
sets up bee hives and collect honey from them beekeeper
what is beeswax used to make candles, crayons, lipstick
why do fish swim in schools for protection, to find food
where are caribou found alaska
why do caribou travel in herds to find food in the winter
harmful organism that lives on or in another organism and get food from it parasite
a living thing that a parasite lives on or in host
a parasite that lives on a dog or cat flea
the host that a flea lives on dog or cat
fleas sucks blood from their host in order to get food
a type of fish that attaches itself to a shark remora
remora eats scraps of food left by the sharks but do no harm to the sharks
Created by: Laraannemc