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Lesson 5.1

The Digestive System-Medical Language for Modern Health Care, 3rd Edition

The alimentary canal includes the… • Mouth • Esophagus • Small intestine • Pharynx • Stomach • Large intestine
The accessory organs of digestion include the… • Teeth • Salivary glands • Gallbladder • Tongue • Liver • Pancreas
alimentary Pertaining to the digestive tract
-ary (Suffix) pertaining to
Aliment (Root) nourishment
bariatric Treatment of obesity
-atric (Suffix) treatment
bari- (Root) weight
digestion Breakdown of food into elements suitable for cell metabolism
digestive (adj) Pertaining to digestion
-ion (Suffix) action
digest- (Root) to break down
-ive (Suffix) nature of
esophagus Greek gullet Tube linking the pharynx and the stomach
gastric Pertaining to the stomach
-ic (Suffix) pertaining to
gastr- (Prefix) stomach
gastroenterology Medical specialty of the stomach and intestines
gastroenterologist Medical specialist in gastroenterology
gastrointestinal (GI) Pertaining to the stomach and intestines
-logy (Suffix) study of
gastr/o- (Combining Form) stomach
-enter/o- (Combining Form) intestine
-logist (Suffix) one who studies
-al (Suffix) pertaining to
gastr/o- (Combining Form) stomach
-intestin- (Root) gut, intestine
Intestine The digestive tube from stomach to anus
intestinal (adj) Pertaining to the intestines
-al (Suffix)pertaining to
intestin- (Root) intestine, gut
laparoscopy Examination of the contents of the abdomen using an endoscope
laparoscope Instrument (endoscope) used for viewing the abdominal contents
laparoscopic (adj) Pertaining to laparoscopy
-scopy (Suffix) to view
lapar/o- (Combining Form) abdomen in general
-scope (Suffix) instrument for viewing
-ic (Suffix) pertaining to
Lymph 1. Latin spring water 2. A clear fluid collected from tissues and transported by vessels to venous circulation
lymphatic (adj) Pertaining to lymph
-atic (Suffix)pertaining to
lymph- (Root) lymph
mouth External opening of a cavity or canal
Roux-en-Y Surgical procedure to reduce the size of the stomach
Transcript An exact copy or reproduction
Transcription The action of making a copy of dictated material
Transcriptionist One who makes a copy of dictated material
trans- (Prefix) across, through
-script (Root) writing, thing copied
-ion (Suffix) action, condition
-ist (Suffix) a specialist in
Created by: tehreem34