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Travel-Vocab word


Activities Things to do
Architecture Design of a building
Art gallery Place to look at professional paintings and drawings
Attractions Places for tourists to see
(to) get/to find your Bearings Feeling for understanding one's location/surroundings in an unknown area;
Business district Area in a city that has many business offices
Castle A building for royalty
Church A place to worship God
Convenience Things that make life easier
Custom Something people of a region do often
En route On the way
Entertainment district A place where there are theaters (AmE)/theatres (BrE) and concert halls
Exception Something/someone that does not follow the usual rules or expectations
Exhibition Objects (i.e., art) displayed for a short time for the public to view
Grocery store/supermarket Place to buy food to take home. Synonyms are delicatessen, & convenient store,
Highlight The best part
Legend A person or story known for a long time
Lobby Front entrance
Locals People who live in an area
Location Place where something can be found
Map Shows roads and directions to a place.
Market Place to buy fresh food and homemade items
Monument A statue/structure that honors an event or person
Museum A place where historical items are displayed
Necessities Things that people need for everyday living
Original state The way something appeared from the beginning
Photograph Picture taken with a camera
Postcard A card with a picture on one side (usually an object or place that tourists see) that can be mailed without an envelope.
Surroundings Things that you see around you
Voice The sound you make when speaking
Voucher A piece of paper that shows you have paid
Waterfront Piece of land next to an ocean, lake, or river
Window Glass that you look out from.
Arrive Reach a destination
Close To fit; move so as to prevent passage through something; stop the operations of
Continue on Keep going
Depart Leave
Enjoy Have a good experience
Expect Think that something will be/happen a certain way
Permit Allow
Proceed Go forward
Raise (a hand) Lift
Recommended Suggested
Refer Suggest
Relax Sit back and enjoy time in place
Show someone around Take people to see an area
Sit back Relax in a seated position
Speak up Talk louder
Ancient Very old
Beautiful/gorgeous Very nice-looking
Breath-taking When a view is very impressive
Customary Traditional
Dangerous Not safe
Devastating Very sad,unfortunate
Elegant Attractive, yet simple
Enormous Very large
Exciting Makes one feel very happy/energetic
Extensive Covers a lot
Fascinating Very interesting to learn about/see
Haunted Believed to have ghosts living there
Heritage Of historical importance
International Around the world, means "between countries"
Lovely Very nice (appearance or personality)
Magnificent Amazing
Popular Liked by many
Prevalent Very noticeable
Reconstructed Built again
Restored Returned to its original state
Safe Not dangerous
Scenic Nice to look at (nature)
Superb Very good (i.e., service, food, entertainment)
Thrilling Exciting
Unbelievable Too amazing/strange to seem true
Visible Able to be seen
Request Something that has been asked for politely
Restaurant district Part of a town /city with many places to eat
Ritual Traditional, custom, action (religious or cultural) that people do often
Scenery Natural beauty to look at
Settlers People who first made a home in an area
Shopping district Area of town where there are many stores/shops
Site Place,location
Stairway/stairwell Steps going up or down
Street people People who live on the street, often begging for money
to lose your bearings to get lost
frank (adj) honest
frank (noun) short for frankfurter sausage for hotdogs (like CP sausages)
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