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Term 4b

Immunity - 3rd line of defense

Specific Immunity involves a ............ response to the ........... ............. to that particular ............? Specific immunity involves a specific response to the immune system to that particular infection
What does specific immunity result in? Adaptive or Acquired Immunity
Long lasting? Yes, this type of immunity is generally long lasting
When is the 3rd line of defense initiated? When the foreign micro-organism has moved past the 1st and 2nd lines of defense and entered the body.
What does the 3rd line of defense involve? Involves the white blood cell lymphocyte.
What do lymphocytes do? (3) Recognize invading particles, react to the invasion and remember that particular type of invasion.
What happens if the same infection occurs again? The response occurs more rapidly.
Where do B cells mature? In the bone marrow
Where do T cells mature? In the Thymus
Do they both make antibodies? B cells do (specific antibodies) but T cells don't
What are B cells primarily responsible for? Humoral Immunity
What is Humoral Immunity? When B cells recognize antigens or pathogens that are circulating the lymph or blood.
What are T cells primary responsible for? Cell Mediated Immunity
What is Cell Mediated Immunity? When T cells act against virus infected cells, cancerous cells and foreign cells.
What binds together in B cells? Antibodies bind to Antigen
What is this called? An antibody-antigen complex
What happens to the antibody-antigen complex? It is attacked by phagocytes
What do helper T cells do? Help B cells
Help B cells do what? Recognize foreign antigens and stimulate B cell reproduction.
What do Cytotoxic C cells do? Kill virus infected cells.
Where are both these cells produced? In the bone marrow
Both of these cells can ............... between ........ and ...... .......... distinguish between self and non self
Both are ......... cells memory cells
How do both of these travel? Via the lymphatic vessels (lymph0 or bloodstream (blood)
Part of the ..... ........ of .............. and ............... ................... 3rd line of defense and specific immunity
How many different types of B cells and T cells? Many different types
They .......... rapidly after ............. specific ............... They reproduce rapidly after encountering specific antigens.
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