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Sociology Paradigms

Questions about the Sociological Paradigms

____ emphasizes that people act on the basis of their interpretation of the language and symbols in a situation. Symbolic Interaction
____ views society as a homeostatic unit that exist in near equilibrium. Functionalism
People who assume that society is an arena of constant competition and change are using the _______ paradigm. conflict theory
Which paradigm raises questions about the self? Symbolic interaction
The "looking-glass self" is a theory from the ____ paradigm. symboic interaction
The ____ paradigm involves the study of individuals in society and their definitions of situations. symbolic interaction
The social construction of reality is a focus of the ____ paradigm. symbolic interaction
The ____ paradigm draws focus on the meaning people attach to their action. symbolic interaction
The ____ paradigm is most likely to focus on patterns of social inequality conflict theory
The focus of ______ is on the consequences of social patterns for the operation of society. functionalism
The ____ paradigm is most likely to support the status quo. functionalism
Karl Marx is associated with ____. conflict theory
Which theory could be used to explain how prostitution perpetuates inequity between powerful groups and subordinate groups? conflict theory
Which theory would be best to explain how prostitutes define their roles? symbolic interaction
The ____ paradigm is most likely to note that prostitution creates jobs. functionalism
The term equilibrium is associated with which paradigm? Functionalism
If things are perceived as real, they are real in their consequences. Thomas Theorem
Looking glass self Charles Horton Cooley
Social Darwinism Spencer
Karl Marx Conflict theory
We think of ourselves as we imagine how others view us. Looking Glass Self
consensus Functionalism
Homeostatic system Functionalism
Various groups or categories of people compete for limited resources. Conflict theory
Focuses upon explaining the mechanisms for social change. Conflict theory
inequalities Conflict theory
structure and function Functionalism
Subjective meaning must be examined to understand behavior. Symbolic interaction
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