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huanying 2 unit 2

中文二 unit-2

阴历 lunar calendar
月亮 moon
特别 special, specially, particularly
传说 legend
有名 famous, well-known
中秋节 Moon Festival
超市 supermarket
饮料 beverage, drinks
expensive, costly
聊天 to chat
老一套 the same old stuff
西瓜 watermelon
葡萄 grape
已经 already
马马虎虎 just so-so
必须 have to
舒服 comfortable
差不多 similar, almost
要看 it depends
蔬菜 vegetable
海鲜 seafood
菜单 menu
服务员 server
筷子 chopsticks
松鼠 squirrel
hot, spicy
东西 thing
炸鸡 fried chicken
一口气 at one breath, without a break
为了 in order to, for
健康 health, healthy
注意 attention
决定 decide
饮食 food
蛋糕 cake
一点儿 a little bit
三明治 sandwich
Created by: ashleychung
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