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buckles es

chapter 1

ecology the study interaction with living organisms in there environment
agriculture the raising crops and livestock for food
natural science
pollution a change in the natural environment that is harmful to living organisms
biodiversity the variety of organisms in a given area
extinct something that died out and cant be brought back
gaia hypoyhesis
slash-n-burn agriculture burn forested down to make farm land
domesticated organisms that have been bred for human use
depleted when a large fraction of the resourses are used up
contamination were it is dameged like food
law of supply and damand a law of economics that states that as the demand for good or service increases
ecological footprint acalculation that shows the productive area of earth
commons were areas of land that belonged to a whole village
cost benefits analysis balances the cost of the action against yhe benefits one expects from it .
risk the probabilityof an unwanted outcome
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