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Healthcare Systems


What are the levels of Prevention? Primary Prevention Secondary Prevention Tertiary Prevention
Focus on health promotion and illness prevention Primary Prevention
Include diagnosis and treatment of the disease Secondary Prevention
Consists of the restoration of health via rehabilitation & palliative services Tertiary Prevention
The process of enabling people to increase control over & to improve their health? Health Promotion
Benefits of Health Promotion Preventing disease Improve quality of life Reduction of healthcare expenses
The goal of the nurse during health promotion? is to ensure that clients understand the importance of setting health goals & able to assess, evaluate and modify changes in health
Ways nurses exemplify health promotion? By educated, screening & identify risk(s) Immunization & promoting wellness Health fairs
Means of Early Detection? Screening
What is included in Tertiary Prevention? Rehabilitation Palliative Care
Prevention that begins after condition is treated & stabilized or recognized as "uncurable"? Tertiary Prevention
Factors that affect delivery of health care? Changing demographics Advances in Technology Health Literacy of the clients
Supports bedside charting, monitoring labs & use of online EBP? Information management Systems
Degree in which individuals can obtain, act on, & understand the basic health information and services needed to make healthcare decisions? Health Literacy
A way to overcome health disparity? Providing health education programs for the population
The common models for providing care? Managed Care Case Management Client-Focused Care
What is the module on managing care? Delivering cost-effective & high quality care
Preferred Provider Organization, PPO Health Maintenance Organizations, HMO Primary Managed Care Models
When is Case Management essential? When a client has multiple care needs and requires the services of multiple providers
To reach and then maintain the patient optimum level of health, quality of life and ADLs The goal of case management
What does Case Management enable for a client? Continuity of Care
Organizes health care around the expressed physical & emotional needs of the client Client-Focused Care
The Models of Nursing Care Delivery? Functional Nursing Team Nursing Primary Nursing
Enables nursing team to complete many tasks in a short time Functional Nursing --task oriented approach --inadequate staffing --head nurse delegates tasks --cost effective
Primary role of the UAP, unlicensed assistive personnel? Assist clients with ADLs & provide basic care needs
Disadvantages for Functional Nursing? Depersonalization & Fragmentation of Care
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