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Exam 2

Molecular Biology

Which step in homologous recombination is catalyzed by RecA or Rad51? Strand invasion
What protein cleaves in the junction to resolve holliday junction in bacteria? RuvC
Which step in homologous recombination is catalyzed by RuvAB? Branch migration
Which protein creates double stranded breaks in DNA during meiosis in eukaryotes? Spo11
During meiosis crossing over occurs between non-sister chromatids
In yeast mating type switching the the HO endonuclease Cleaves specifically at the MAT locus
A classic example of site-specific recombination is Bacteriophage lambda integration
Site specific recombination between two recombination recognition sequences (RRS) which are in direct orientation with respect to each other on a single double stranded DNA will result in _______ of the DNA between RRS Deletion
Cre-LoxP system for generating knock-out mice is an example of Site specific recombination
Transposons are transposable elements and segments of RNA
The ends of a simple transposable element contain inverted repeats
Which of the following utilizes and RNA intermediate of transposition Retrotransposons
Human L1 and Alu are examples of transposons
The V, J, and D segments.. Are each selected randomly
The enzyme that accomplishes transcription is termed RNA polymerase
The sigma subunit of bacterial RNA polymerase Recognizes promoter sites in the DNA
The RNA polymerase that produces mRNA molecules in eukaryotic cells is RNA polymerase II
The first protein complex to bind to the core promoter for a protein-coding gene in eukaryotes General transcription factor TFIID
Which modification must be made to RNA polymerase II in order to activate the pre initiation complex phosphorylation
Which of the following statements are true about eukaryotic mRNA? A cap is added to their 5' end, A poly-A tail is added to their 3' end, each usually specifies only a single protein All of them
Processing of pre-mRNA to make mRNA involves Using a spliceosome to cut out the introns
Splicing joins together two exons
Which of the following do snRNPs bind to 5' and 3' end of the intron
The 3' splice site contains a GU, whereas the 5' splice site contains an AG False; Reversed
What statement correctly describes trans-splicing Exons from different RNA transcripts are joined together
Which of the following is an example of RNA editing Alteration of the nucleotide sequence of an RNA molecule
The protein encoded by Drosophila doublesex (Dsx) gene is regulated by Alternate splicing
According to the holliday model, the first step of recombination involves a nick in only one DNA strand of each of the two homologous chromosomes
After isomerization in Holliday model, cleavage by an endonuclease results in two recombinant chromosomes, each containing a heteroduplex
Which of the following sites is a hot spot for recombination in bacteria Chi
What typically initiates homologous DNA recombination random double-stranded break in duplex DNA
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