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unit 5

alternative energy

Uses moving air to make electricity Wind energy
A possible substitute type of energy Alternative energy
Energy from crops like ethanol Biomass/Biofuels
Electricity made from moving water Hydroelectric/Hydropower
Can NOT be replaced. Once the are gone they are gone forever Non renewable resources
Can be replaced in a short amount of time Renewable Resources or Alternative
Diamonds, oil, coal, silver and gold are examples of? Non renewable resources examples
Using heat from magma and water under the ground Geothermal
The wearing away of sediments by water, wind, waves, ice or gravity Weathering
The dropping of sediments to a new location Deposition
The carrying away of sediments by water, waves, wind, ice or gravity Erosion
The remains or traces of an organism from the past Fossil
A type of fuel that forms from the ancient remains of decomposed plants and animals Fossil fuel
Energy from living organisms or their waste. Biofuels or biomass
A substance that is used for energy Fuel
Another word for petroleum Oil
Made from swampy plants Coal
Made from dead animals and plants Oil and natural gas
The wise use and protection of natural resources Conservation
Energy from moving parts Mechanical or Kinetic
The bending of light Refraction
Mirrors, calm water, shiny metal Reflect
Another word for heat Thermal
To change into something else Transform
Energy from vibrations Sound
Energy from the Sun Solar energy
Weathering, erosion, and deposition Slow changes to the Earth
Pencil in water shows..... Refraction
Prism, rainbow and lenses show....... Refraction
The major source of energy from the Earth Sun
The simple motion of uneven temperatures used as renewable resource Wind
Has panels, will never run out, can be used to heat homes and businesses Solar energy
The building of dams can eliminate habitats Hydropower or hydro electricity
Drilling can cause harmful gases to be released Geothermal energy
A resource that can be replaced over time Renewable
A resource that exists in little supply Nonrenewable
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