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"Ability to" vs "can" 'Can' is more concise and preferred over 'ability to'
Why is “Easy enough that” incorrect? “Enough” must be followed by an infinitive or the preposition “for”
Identify the errors:Timmy only expresses affection for his dog,Lassie; as a result, Lassie only eats top‐shelfdog food. This question is about idioms. “Only” should be placed justbefore the word or words it is meant to modify.Correct:. Timmy expresses affection only for his dog, Lassie;as a result, Lassie eats only top-shelf dog food.
Can past and present participle be parallel in a sentence? Yes. For example, 'spawned' and 'extending' can be parallel when connected by 'and'
Following 'recommended' is 'should' redundant? Yes
What is the difference between 'Act like' and 'Act as'? Act like = to behave or comport oneselfAct as = describes the function of a thing
'The 32 species that make up the dolphin family' is singular or plural? Plural
Did you study the five If...then constructions? From Manhattan SC. Page 134
"As a means to" vs "As a means of" As a means to = a method ofAs a means of = kind of
What is the preposition 'to' used for? 'To' is used to indicate purpose
What is the preposition 'with' used for? 'With' is used to indicate a connection
When the whole sentence is underlined, what option should you start with? Option E and then in reverse order to A
When down to 50:50, what should you do? Try to find flaws in options under considerations, rather than tryiny to fit them to the sentence. Last one standing is the correct choice.
'Due to' means? Due to means "caused by" It should only be used if it can be substituted with "caused by"
What is the correct usage of So [adjective] as to [verb]? Correct: Her debts are so extreme as to threaten the future of the company. “So as” is never correct on the GMAT
Whether vs If? 'Whether' for two alternatives; 'If' for more than two
What is the most commonly tested pronoun on GMAT? 'It'. It is used to refer to an entire clause, but 'It' can only refer to a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase. Hence a common error.
What should occur after a preposition? After every preposition, we must have a noun, and only a noun; NEVER can we havea verb after a preposition
Data is plural of? Crises is plural of? Datum. Crisis
Sometimes in difficult 50:50 questions, meaning will dictate which option is correct. True. Modifiers such as although, however much etc subtly change the meaning of sentences. In such cases, stick with the original sentence
'Aid in healing' vs 'Aid to heal'? 'Aid in healing'
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