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Using Latin I:XVII

Beginning Latin

Dies, diei (m. or f. always m. in pl.) Day
Familia, -ae (f.) Family
Imperatum -i (n.) Command, order
Imperata facere to obey commands
injuria, -ae (f.) Injury, wrong
Portus, -us (m.) Harbor
Res, rei (f.) Thing; Affair, fact, circumstance, matter
Scelus, sceleris (n.) Crime
Scelus facere To commit a crime
Tempus, temporis (n.) Time
Vigil, vigilis (m.) Sentinel, watchman, guard
Vinculum, -i (n.) Chain
Voluntas, -tatis (f.) Wish, desire; Will
Arcesso, -ere, -ivi, -itum To summon, call
Cogo, cogere, coegi, coactum To collect; Compel
Conjicio, conjicere, conjeci, conjectum To throw, hurl
Contendo, -ere, -tenti, -tentum To hasten; Contend
Expugno, -are, -avi, -atum To capture, take by storm
Occido, -ere, -cidi, -cisum To kill, slay
Pervenio, -venire, -veni, -ventum To arrive, come, arrive at, reach
Puto, -are, -avi, -atum To think
Rego, -ere, rexi, rectum To direct; Rule
Sacrifico, -are, -avi, -atum To sacrifice
Tego, -ere, texi, tectum To cover, protect
Adversus, -a, -um Unfavorable
Alienus, -a, -um Foreign; as a n. Stranger
Brevis, -e Short, brief
Crudelis, -e Cruel
Falsus, -a, -um False, deceiving
Maestus, -a, -um Sad, gloomy
Nobilis, -e Noble, well-known; when m. as noun Nobles
Sanus, -a, -um Sane, healthy
Secundus, -a, -um Second; Favorable
Vivus, -a, -um Alive, living
Tandem At length, finally, at last
Created by: Hamilcar