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the boringest ever

for lucy

transevaporation plant (sweat) that comes from the underside of the leaves
omnivors animals that eat both meat and plants
energy pyramid a model that shows the amount of energy that transfers to another animal when it is eaten
ecosystem a group of species that live in the same habitat
run off rain water that goes into lakes rivers ponds and streams
condensation visible water like clouds or rain
absorption water that soaks into the ground
evaporation surface water that evaporates into the sky
decomposers mostly micro-organisums that decompose other organisum carcusis back into the envirnment
food chain a modal that shows what animals eat othters
carnivores animals that eat only meat
photosynthesis when a plant produces oxigen
groundwater water that soaks into the ground and waters plants
producers plants that use photosynthesis to servive
surface water lakes rivers and streams
aquifer a underground river
presipitation rain snow sleet or hail
invasive species a foren species that upsdets an ecosystem
scavengers animals that eat dead animals
herbivores animals that eat only plants
impervios impenitrable
impervvios is another boring word ill never use
Created by: thefivefoleys