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G. + L. Root Words

group 3

Monos-define one, single
morphe-define form, shape
monos-example monocotyledon
morphe-example morphology
neuron-define nerve
neuron-exapmle neurology
oo-define beginning
oo-example oocyte
ovum, ovi -define egg
ovum, ovi -example ovary
para-define beside, near
para-example parasite
pedi-define child
pedi-example pediatrics
pes, pedis, pod -define foot
pes, pedis, pod -example bipedal
photo, phos, phot -define light
photo, phos, phot -example photosynthesis
post-define after, behind
post-example posterior
semi-define half
semi-example semicircle
skleros-define hard
skleros-example scierenchyma
soma-define body
soma-example somatic
sub, sup -define below, under
sub, sup -example subspecies
super-define above, upper
super-example superior
supra-define above, upon
supra-example suprarenal
tetra-define four
tetra-example tetrapod
tox, toxikon -define poison
tox, toxikon- example toxic
tri-define three
tri-example tripod
trophe-define to feed or eat
trophe-example heterotrophic
uni, unis -define one
uni, unis -example unicellular
xeros-define dry
xeros-example xerophyte
zo, zoon -define animal
zo, zoon -example zoology
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