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Lab 1

Lab 1 theory from the book

infection prevention methods practiced in healthcare facilities to prevent and control the spread of disease
microorganism a living thing or organism that can only be seen through a microscope
microbe another name for organism
chain of infection a way of describing how disease is transmitted from one being to another
causative agent a pathogenic microorganism that causes disease
reservoir where a pathogen lives and grows
portal of exit any body opening on an infected person that allows pathogens to leave
direct contact happens by touching the infected person pr his secretions
indirect contact results from touching something contaminated by the infected person
portal of entry any body opening on an infected person that allows pathogens to enter
mucous membranes the membranes that line body cavities that open to the outside of the body
susceptible host an uninfected person who could get sick
medical asepsis refers to measures used to reduce and prevent the spread of pathogens
surgical asepsis is the state of being free from all microoganisms
Created by: kcontreras951