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Entomology Order

Entomology Orders

Protura (Myrientomata) Entognatha Proturans - lack compand eyes & antane
Collembola (Oligentomata) EntognathaSpringtails
Diplura (Entognatha, Entotrophi, Aptera) EntognathaDiplurans
Microcoryphia (Archaeognatha, Thysanura, Ectognatha, & in part Ectotrophi) bristletails
Thysanura (Ectognatha, Ectotrophi, Zygentoma) silverfish, firebrats
Pterygota winged and scondarily wingless insects
Ephemeroptera (Ephemerida, Plectoptera) mayflies(short lived wing)aquatic insect
Odonta dragonflies & damselflies aquatic insect
orthoptera (Saltatoria, Grylloptera) grasshoppers and crickets
Phasmatodea (Phasmida, Phasmitida, Phasmatoptera, Cheleutoptera; Orthoptera in part) walkingsticks, timemas
Grylloblattaria (Grylloblattoea, Notoptera) rock crawlers
Mantophasmatodea gladiator insects
Dermaptera (Euplexoptera) Earwigs (Skin wing)
Plecoptera stone flies(folded wing) aquatic order
Embiidina (Embioptera) webspinners
Zoraptera zorapterans
Isoptera (Dictyoptera, Dictuoptera in part) termites
Mantodea (Orthoptera, Dictyoptera, Dicuoptera in part) Matids
Blattodea (Orthoptera, Dictyoptera, Dictuoptera in part) Cockroaches
Hemiptera (Heteroptera, Homoptera) True bugs, cicadas, hoppers, psyllids, whiteflies, aphids, scale insectsLarges of the hemimotabolus
Thysanoptera (Physapoda) thrips
Psocoptera (Corrodentia) psocids
Phthiraptera (Mallophaga, Anoplura, Siphunculata) Lice
Coleoptera beetles
Neuroptera (megaloptera, Raphidiodea) alderflies, dobsonflies, fishflies, snakeflies, lacewings, antlions, owlflies
Hymenoptera sawflies, ichneumonids, chalcidoids, ants, wasps, bees
Trichoptera caddisfliesaquatic insects
Lepidoptera (Zeugloptera) buttlerflies and moths(scale wing)
Siphonaptera fleas
Mecoptera (Neomecoptera) scorpionflies
Strepsiptera (Coleoptera in part) twisted-winged parasites
Diptera flies
Created by: missMRWhite