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Niagara Falls Voc1

banister handrail on the stairs
pistachio edible nuts that have a green kernel
mole a dark slightly raised mark on the skin
punctuality prompt, arriving on time
essay short literary composition on a single subject usually presenting the personal view of the author
concentrate direct one’s thoughts or attention
lanyard short cord worn around your neck to secure something
paragraph usually several sentences dealing with a specific thought
flaunt to exhibit in a showy fashion, shamelessly
vegetarian one whose diet consists primarily of vegetables, grains, and plant products
bologna a sausage made of mixed meats
salami highly spiced sausage
delicatessen shop that sells prepared foods, ready to eat
alphabetizing to arrange in abc order
recognized to identify from past experiences
lobes part of the ear
audition a trail performance
mustache hair growing on the upper lip
similarity alike but not identical
Created by: dthomas113