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HESI Admissions

Vocabulary words from the Evolve Reach study guide

abrupt sudden
abstain voluntarily refrain from something
access means of approach, to obtain entry
accountable to be held responsible
adhere hold fast or stick together
adverse undesired, possibly harmful
affect appearance or observable emotion
annual every year
apply to place, put on, or spread something
audible able to be heard
bilateral present on both sides
cast hard protective surface to protect a broken bone while it heals
cease to stop or bring to an end
compensatory to make up for something
complication an undesired problem as a result of another event
comply do as directed
concave rounded inward
concise brief and to the point
consistancy how thick or thin a fluid is
constrict draw together or make smaller
contingent dependent
contour the shape or outline of a shape
contract draw together, reduce in size
contraindiction a reason why something is not advisable or should not be done
defecate to expel a bowel movement
deficit a deficiency or lack of something
depress to press downward
depth downward measurement from the surface
deteriorating worsening
device tool or piece of equipment
diameter the distance across an object
dilate to enlarge or expand
dilute to make a liquid less concentrated
discrete distinct, seperate
distended enlarged or expanded from pressure
elevate to lift up or place higher
endogenous produced within the body
exacerbate to make worse or more severe
excess more than what is needed
exogenous produced outside the body
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