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Vet tech

Veterinary Technician TerminolAnswer
ectomy to excise or surgically remove
tomy to incise or cut into
stomy to make an opening in a hollow organ
rraphy to surgically repair by joining seams or suturing
pexy fixation or suturing
plasty to shape or surgically form
tripsy to crush or destroy
centesis to puncture perforate for withdrawl of fluids
algia/ dynia pain
cele swelling
ectesis/ ectasia dialation expansion
ia disease or condition
iasis infestation or infection of
ism state condition or result of a pathological process
itis inflamation
oma tumor
osis abnormal condition or process often degenerative
pathy any disorder or disease condition
rraghia hemorrhage
a/ an w/o or not having
anti against
brady abnormally slow
tachy abnormally fast
contra against apposed
de remove take away
dia through apart across between
dis reversal or speration
dys difficult impaired
hyper excessivly high
hypo excessivly low
mal bad poor
path/o disease
poly many much multipul
py/o pus
s- a p- ae
s- anx p- anges
s- en p- ina
s- ex, ix p- inces
s- is p- es
s- inx p- inges
s-ma p- mata or mas
s- um p- a
s- ur p- ora
s- us p-i
scope instrament for examining
scopy the act of examining or using the scope
tome instrament for cutting
graph instrument or machine that writes or records
graphy procedure of using an instrument or machine to record
gram the product written record or graph produced by an instrament
meter instramnet or machine that measurs or counts
metry/ imetry procedure of measuring
ist one who practices
ist, iatrist, ician, er one who practices
ankyl/o bent looped fused
crypt/o hidden concealed
lith/o stone, calculus
megal/o abnormally large
mega enlarged
necr/o dead decaying
phag/o eating swallowing
scler/o hardening
therm/o relating to heat
thromb/o clot
trauma, tramat/o wound, injury
tox/o. toxi, toxic/o toxins poisins
lysis destruction of
malacia softening
megaly abnormally large
paresis partial poralisis weakness
plasia development relating to cell numbers
plegia paralysis
pnea breathing
rrhexis rupture
rrhea flow or discharge
thermia relating to heat
trophy nutrition or cell size
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