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Latin 3rd Conj. verb

Latin 3rd Conjugation Verbs

rego regere rexi rectus to rule, reign, govern, direct
---O ---ERE ---I ---TUS Principle parts endings 3rd conjugation verbs
vinco vincere vici victus to conquer, defeat
dico dicere dixi dictus to say, tell, declare, state
pono ponere posui positus to put, place, set, deposit, station, put aside
iungo iungere iunxi iunctus to join, connect, unite, bind together
traho trahere traxi tractus to drag, haul, draw in, take on, get
edo edere edi essus to eat, consume, devour, eat away
scribo scribere scripsi scriptus to write, compose
bibo bibere bibi bibitus to drink, drain, suck, draw off
duco ducere duxi ductus to lead, guide, bring, command
defendo defendere defendi defensum to defend, uphold, protect
cano canere cecini cantus to sing, recite, chant, play an instrument, crow
struo struere struxi structus to build, construct
peto petere petivi petitus to seek, beg, attack, solicit, ask for, demand, head for
veho vehere vexi vectus to convey, bear, transport, carry
curro currere cucurri cursus to run/trot/gallop, hurry/hasten/speed, move/travel/proceed/flow swiftly/quickly
credo credere credidi creditus to believe, trust, accept; loan money, give credit
figo figere fixi fictus to fix, fasten; establish; transfix
vivo vivere vixi victus to live, be alive, survive
trado tradere tradidi traditus to deliver up, hand over, bequeath, give up, transmit
claudo claudere clausi clausus to shut, close, conclude, finish, blockade, lay siege to
cado cadere cecidi casum to fall, fall down, fall off, abate, sink, drop, plummet, topple; be slain, die, decay, end, cease, abate
mitto mittere misi missus to send, launch, despatch, let go, let out, release
tollo tollere sustuli sublatus to take up/lift up/take away/destroy, lift, raise up, remove, steal
ago agere egi actus to do, drive, treat, act, wage, spend (time), give thanks
Created by: Civitas