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6th Grade Science

continent one of seven large areas of land on the globe
tentacles long, slender, flexible organs that grown near the mouths of some invertebrates and are used for feeling, grabbing, or moving
snouts the noses or jaws of animals
flexible something that bends easily
squid an ocean animal with a long body, ten arms, an internal shell, and a pair of founded fins
venomous poisonous
recyclers animals that process waste materials so they can be used again
shallow water that is not very deep
rodents types of mammals with large front teeth for gnawing or nibbling
exoskeletons hard outer coverings that protect the bodies of some animals without backbones
species groups of plants or animals that are alike in many ways
marsupials mammals with pouches for carrying their young
predators animals that hunt and eat smaller, more helpless animals
prey an animal that is hunted by another animal for food
Created by: jharvey09