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Growth and Development

What are the four main physical changes that occur with puberty? Increased rate of growth, sex-specific changes, distribution of muscle and fat, and development of the reproductive system
Does the growth spurt of puberty occur first in girls or boys? Girls
What is menarche? The first menstrual flow
When should education about menarche begin? In the school-age years in the home
How much blood is lost with each period? 30-60 mL
When does the first ejaculation occur? 13-14 years
When does menarche occur? 11-14 years
What is a concern during sexual development? Teens are preoccupied with their bodies.
Is masturbation normal? Yes
What is the negative behavior of adolescence related to? Growing self-consciousness
What is Eriskon's psychosocial stage of development for adolescents? Identity v. Role Confusion
What is the beginning of an identity? Separation of the individual from the family
Why is dating important to adolescents? It helps establish social status and recognition within the peer group
What is the best parenting style in terms of discipline for the adolescent? Democratic
What is a good way for adolescents to learn the consequences of their actions? Grounding
What is the stage of cognitive development during adolescence? Formal operational thought
Describe formal operational thought. Rational thinking, problem solving, abstract thinking
What is moral judgement based on? Earlier learned principles of right and wrong
Describe the transitional phase of moral development? Teenagers begin to question previous values, allowing them to try out their own code of ethics.
What is characteristic of anorexia nervosa? A relentless pursuit of thinness and altered metabolic activity
What is the average age of onset for anorexia nervosa? 13.75 years
What is characteristic of bulimia nervosa? Tooth erosion and esophageal damage
How many cycles can occur with bulimia nervosa? 8 or more per day
What is "Fear of Fat" syndrome? A diet lacking in iron, calcium, and zinc
What defines obesity? Greater than the 95th percentile in weight for age, gender, and height
How many children are obese? 25=30%
What therapy is recommended for obesity? Exercise plans and healthy diet. Pharmacologic therapy is not recommended in children and adolescents
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