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BBG - Lesson 3 Vocab

Vocabulary - Lexical Aids Metzger - 151–200 times (10–11)

ἄγγελος, -ου, ὁ a messenger, an angel (angel)
ἁμαρτία, -ας, ἡ a sin, sin
ἄν untranslatable, makes a statement contingent which would otherwise be definite.
βασιλεία, -ας, ¨η a kingdom
γράφω I write
δόξα, -ης, ἡ glory (doxology)
ἔθνος, -ους, τό a nation (plural, the Gentiles)
είσέρχομαι I go, come I or, into, enter
έργον, -ου, τό work (energy)
ἐσθίω I eat
εύρίσκω I find
ἰδού See! Behold!
ἵστημι I cause to stand, I stand
καθώς as, even as
καρδία, -ας, ἡ the heart (cardiac)
κόσμος, ου, ὁ the world
μέγας, μεηάλη, μέγα large, great (megaphone)
μέν on the one hand, indeed (postpositive particle, often best left untranslated) (Stress with voice and by translating the following δέ as "but.")
νεκρός, -α, -ον dead body, a corpse (as a noun)
νομος, ου, ὁ a law, the law
ὅστις, ἥστις, ὅτι whoever, whichever, whatever
ὄχλος, -ου, ὁ a crowd, multitude
παρά (gen) from
παρά (dat) beside, in the presence of
παρά (acc) alongside of
πόλις, -εως, ἡ a city
προςερχομαι I go, proceed
τε and (an enclitic connective particle, weaker in force than καί)
τότε then, at that time
χάρις, -ιτος, ἡ grace
χείρ, χείρός, ἡ a hand
ὑπέρ (gen) in behalf of
ὑπέρ (acc) above
Created by: armcglawn