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schrift wk 1.2 Tools

Schrift week 1.2 Tools and Measuring

kilometer large unit of measure, used to measure long distances such a when driving
Compass a tool that uses a magnetized pointer to show magnetic north, used to find direction
Celsius a measure of temperature used by scientists and in most places throughout the world
Fahrenheit a measure of temperature used in the United States
Millimeter a small metric unit used to measure length, width or height; one unit is about the width of a pencil lead or thickness of a dime; measured using a ruler
Centimeter a small metric unit used measure length, width or height; one unit is about the width of your fingernail; measured using a ruler
Meter a metric unit used to measure length, width or height of larger objects such as a desk or TV; measured using a meter stick
Mass The amount of matter in an object; measured using a balance
Volume The amount of space that an object takes up; graduated cylinders are used to measure liquid in units of milliliters, liters and kiloliters; measure solids using a ruler
Capacity The maximum amount that can be held or taken in.
Length how long something is
height how tall something is
width how wide something is
Measurement A particular system that is used to determine the time, area, volume, length, mass or weight of something
Weight A measure of the pull of gravity on an object; measured by a spring scale
Data information collected in an investigation
temperature the measure of how hot or cold something is; measured using a thermometer
observe to use your 5 senses to look at something very closely
Created by: kschrift