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Chapter 26 Vocab

Chapter 26 vocab

Agitated Delirum acute change in mental status, agitation-aggression
Anxiety A state of painful uneasiness often characterized by agitation and restlessness
Behavior a way a person acts or performs
Behavior Emergency a situation in which a person exerts abnormal behavior
Bipolar Disorder a psychiatric condition characterized by the alteration of moods
Depression A feeling of sadness, worthlessness
Dystonia A movement disorder that causes involunteer, contraction of the muscles
Humane Restraints padded soft leather or cloth wraps to hold a patient down
Paranoia Highly exaggerated or unwarranted mistrust
Phobia The fear of something
Phsychosis a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality
Reasonable Force The minimum amounts of force to hold a patient still
Schizophrenia A chronic illness in which the patients distortions of speech and thought
Suicide A willful act designed to ends ones life
tardive dyskinesia ????sp A movement disorder that causes involuntary movement of the mouth and tongue.
Created by: Pamilee3733