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Chapter 24 vocab

chap 24 vocab

Active rewarming technique of aggressively applying external sources of heat to a patient
Conduction The transfer of heat through the direct physical touch with nearby object
Convection The loss of body heat
Evaporation Conversion of a liquid or a solid to gas
Generalized hypothermia an over all reduction of the body temperature
Hyperthermia Abnormally high temp (98.6) or higher
Hypothermia Low body temperature
Local cold injury damage to tissue in a specific part of the body resulting from the cold
myxedema coma a late stage of hypthyroidism
passive rewarming When the body naturally warms up
radiation A pain that effects the other parts of the body
Respiration The exchange of oxygen between the organs
Thermoreceptor A sensory receptor that is stimulated by temp
Urban Hypothermia Hypothermia precipitated by cold environments
Water Chill Increasing rate of cooling because of water or wet clothing
Wind Chill The combined cooling effect of wind and environment temp
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