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9th ENV Ch 3.3

9th ENV Chapter 3-Section 3 QUESTIONS

Define biosphere The part of Earth where life exists.
What is the one requirement for all living things? liquid water
What does the hydrosphere include? oceans, lakes, rivers, wetlands, polar ice caps, soil, and rocks.
Using Fig. 3.1, list the major processes of the water cycle. evaporation, condensation, precipation
Define water cycle. The movement of water into the air then to land.
CLOUDS PRECIPATION _____ is the process by which liquid water is heated by the sun and then rises into the atmosphere as ______
Define condensation. water vapor forms water droplets on dust particles.
CLOUDS PRECIPATION These water droplets form ___, in which the droplets collide, stick together, and create larger, heavier droplets. These larger droplets fall form clouds as rain in a process called ________.
What are all the oceans connected in the world called? world oceans
How much of the Earth does the world ocean cover? 70%
What is the largest ocean and the deepest point in this ocean called? Pacific ocean 115,557,000 Km
ALANTIC The second largest ocean on Earth is the ___________ ocean.
What is the rapid movement of water around Antarctica called? Antarctic Circumpolar Current
What is the smallest ocean called and why is this ocean unique? Artic Ocean its covered by ice.
After reading the Case Study – “Storm Surge, Tsunamis, and Coastal Wetlands” – how could restoring or protecting coastal wetlands help protect citie It could grow trees and plants back so they can stop major flooding that is going on.
Define salinity. dissolved salt in the ocean
3.5% The average salt content of ocean water is ___%_ by weight
sing Fig. 3.3, which two elements are the most important to form salt? chlorine,sodium
Which zone has temperatures near freezing (2 degrees Celsius)? North Alantic
Which zone has temperatures near freezing (2 degrees Celsius)? Gulf Stream
Which zone has the water temperature drop the fastest as you increase depth? North Alantic
What is one of the most important functions of the world ocean? To absorb and store energy from the sum.
HALF The world ocean absorbs over ______ the solar radiation that reaches the planet’s surface.
what would happen if the ocean did not regulate the temperature on Earth? We wouldn't have oceans.
WARM WATER COLD WATER urface currents may be ____________ currents or ____________ currents.
Where is the densest and coldest current located? by the equator
Define fresh water and where is most trapped? it is trapped in polar ice caps and glacers
riversystem A ________________ is a network of streams that drains an area of land.
Define tributaries. are smaller streams or rivers flow into bigger ones.
Which river does most of the precipitation drain between the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains? Mississippi River
Define groundwater. Rain and melting snow sink into the ground and run off the land.
1% Groundwater accounts for less than _____%_____of all water on Earth.
AQUIFER RECHARG ZONE A rock layer that stores and allows the flow of groundwater is called an ______________. The surface of the land where water enters an aquifer is called a __________________.
does Louisiana have more aquifers or more rocks with little water? aqufires
SKIN If the Earth were an apple, the biosphere would be is ______.
Define biosphere. The part of Earth where life exists
True or False? The biosphere is only made up of the hydrosphere. false
List the 3 important factors in which life can exist water, moderate temperatures, source of energy
CYCLED The materials that organisms require must continually be ___________.
Why is the biosphere located near the Earth’s surface? Most of the sunlight is aviable hear the surface
Define phytoplankton. bacteria
What do most organisms that live deep in the ocean feed upon? plants and animals
Using Fig. 3.9, does Louisiana have high or low chlorophyll concentration? high
What happens when an organism dies in the biosphere? The body breaks down into matter
EDEN PROJECT CLOSED SYSTEM Using Fig. 3.10, the ____________________ is an attempt to model a biosphere. In this project, plants from all over the world live in a _____________________.
What does a closed system mean? energy enters and leaves the system
How is Earth a closed system? The only thing that enters is large amounts of energy
Define an open system. Matter and energy are exchanged between a system
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