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6th grade Science

Test November 2

Analysis an investigation of results
evidence stands as proof of something or shows something ( results, what you can observe)
process a sequence of actions that a technological system undergoes to produce and output
observation what the person doing the experiment SEES, HEARS, FEELS, SMELLS or TASTES
hypothesis a prediction about the outcome of an experiment or guess
infer/inference you explain or interpret what you observe based on what you already know
quantitative observation tell DESCRIPTIONS that cant be expressed in #s ( the dog was fuzzy and brown)
quantative observation an observation that deals with numbers ( I see I have 10 new text messsages)
scientific inquiry the diverse ways in which scientists study the natural world and propose explanations
scientific question are questions that can be answered by making observations and gathering evidence
responding ( dependent ) variable what you measure to get your results
manipulated variables ( independent) factor that changed during the experiment ( like brand of popcorn)
communicating is the sharing of ideas and results of experiments
data table a table that organizes facts , figures and other evidence
control group the group that stays the same ( nothing changes)
operational definition a statement that describes HOW to measure a particular variable or define a particular term
scientific law a statement that describes what scientists expect will happen every time certain conditions exist
scientific theory is an EXPLANATION for a wide range of observations or experimental results
conclusion statement that SUMS UP what you learned from an experiment
data measurements and other observations
controlled experiment an experiiment in which ONE variable only is changed at a time
adhesion water molecules sticking together
cohesion holding together of molecules in a solid or liquid
surfectant these are active agents that break up molecule attraction ( dish soap, detergent)
surface tension at the surface of a liquid, molecules are held together by mutual attraction
capillary action
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